Pain Free, Naturally!


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"In running an orthopedic and sports medicine PT office, I encounter a variety of injuries and diagnosis with primary focuses on providing pain relief. Even with the broad spectrum of diagnosis, RAW has been a valuable asset in my clinical practice in providing fast and efficient pain relief to each patient which demonstrates its versatility and effectiveness between patient populations (despite age, gender, and injury/diagnosis). I would recommend RAW products to any healthcare provider looking to expand their practice.”

-Zack Dawson PT, DPT Clinical Director Keystone Physical Therapy, A Physiotherapy Family Facility


"I have tried other gels before and found that they wear off before the end of my round and they actually start to cause me to become stiff. RAW Heat is the only product that I have tried that has lasted an entire round of golf"

-Scott Gardiner, Professional Golfer



We have tried many topical agents in our athletic training room and have found RAW products to be the best.  When used before practice, RAW Heat truly provides immediate and effective relief of pain and stiffness over the targeted area with long-lasting results.  When the RAW Ice is used after practice, muscle aches and pains are provided soothing relief.  Our sports medicine staff and student-athletes here are very happy with the product’s effectiveness. As an added bonus, it is a certified all natural product. It works great and I would highly recommend RAW HEAT and RAW ICE to anyone.”

-Mike Lesako, Head Athletic Trainer, Washington & Jefferson College




I have a reattached patellar tendon on my right knee – and bicycle riding is about the only exercise I can and enjoy doing, but is also fairly painful. I found applying RAW-Heat before riding and RAW-Ice after is very helpful, just as my doctor recommended. RAW has made riding pleasurable for me again.”

                                          -Walter J. Age 68, Retired




"As a massage therapist, I have found RAW products to exceed my expectations. I have used many topicals in my practice and RAW out performs and outlasts all the others.”

-Tanya C. Age 30, Massage Therapist



“RAW Health has developed outstanding pain relieving gels. RAW Heat & RAW Ice are the only gels that are certified natural and therefore are the best match for chiropractic professionals and their patients. RAW Health’s products are safer for use, more effective and their commitment to donate back to the chiropractic profession is inspiring. I highly recommend RAW Heat & RAW Ice for your pain relieving gel choice.”

-Jeanne Ohm, D.C. , Executive Director, ICPA.