Pain Free, Naturally!


When should I use RAW Heat vs. RAW Ice?


The RAW products perform optimally when the RAW Heat is used before a workout or strenuous activity to relax muscles and increase range of motion and the RAW Ice is used after activity. People who suffer from arthritis report feeling the most relief when using the Heat product, while people with sprains and strains often prefer the Ice product.


How often can I use/reapply the RAW Heat/Ice?

RAW Heat or RAW Ice can be used as often as needed, or about every 4 hours for an injury or chronic pain. The benefits of RAW Heat/Ice are long lasting-the product continues to provide relief while you resume your regular activities.

Where can I apply RAW Heat/Ice to my body?

RAW Heat/Ice provides relief from sprains, strains, muscle fatigue, and joint pain. The RAW products are topicals and are meant to be applied to skin while avoiding eyes and sensitive areas. RAW should not be taken internally.

Are RAW Heat and RAW Ice only used for injuries or pain?

Absolutely NOT.  RAW Heat and RAW Ice are used by many of the top athletes in the country and around the world.  Our RAW Dream Team athletes and other athletes of all ages regularly report how much RAW Heat and Ice enhances their workouts, helps to increase their flexibility, decreases post workout or game aches and pains, and helps to take their overall athletic performance to a higher level. Remember…use RAW Heat before games or workouts and RAW Ice after!

My Physical Therapist is using RAW products on my leg during my rehab and it works great but he does not currently carry RAW Heat or Ice for me to purchase? Where can I buy it?

The easiest way is to ask your Physical Therapist to call us at 1888-729-4584.  We make it simple and easy for all health care providers to carry RAW Heat and RAW Ice for their patients to purchase directly from their office.  You personally can purchase RAW Heat and RAW Ice directly from a Healthcare Professional or right here on our website.


What sizes of RAW Heat and RAW Ice are available to purchase?

RAW Heat and RAW Ice are available in 3oz roll-ons, 4oz tubes, and 32oz pumps. Our 32oz pumps are typically used by Healthcare Professionals, but many of our faithful users purchase the 32oz pumps to utilize at their home or to refill their 4oz tubes for use while on-the-go!

Do RAW Heat or RAW Ice contain isopropyl alcohol, methylparaben, FD&C colorants, propylene glycol or any other chemicals I am hearing may be very damaging to my body and overall health?

NO, RAW Products have never had those ingredients and they never will.

I love the smell of RAW Heat and Ice, it doesn’t have that bad medicine or alcohol smell like most other gels, can you explain why?

RAW Heat and Ice do not contain fillers like most leading gels.  The reason other gels have a strong pungent medicine or alcohol smell is because most other gels contain a large percentage of fillers like water or rubbing alcohol.  When you use RAW products you smell the refreshing scents of cinnamon and peppermint that are present from the 100% natural oils in the products.

Are topical pain relievers just for elderly?

NO, RAW Heat and RAW Ice are safe and approved by the Natural Products Association for people of ALL AGES.  We do recommend you discuss the proper use of our gels for children under 12 years old.  As always do not use RAW Heat or Ice near your eyes or on sensitive areas of the body.

Why does my skin get red when I apply RAW Heat?

Don’t panic…what you are experiencing is the body’s natural response to heat.  Your blood vessels are dilating allowing greater blood flow to the area of application.  This increase in blood flow is what causes skin color changes.


So many products falsely claim to be “natural”, are RAW Heat and RAW Ice REALLY NATURAL?

Yes, ALL RAW products are natural; in fact all RAW products are CERTIFIED NATURAL by the Natural Products Association (NPA).  We have taken great measures to insure our products pass the strict guidelines set by the NPA. All RAW Heat and RAW Ice ingredients have passed the strict Natural Standard and have documentation that supports the raw materials are naturally sourced and our ingredients are processed within the allowed natural processes. To learn more about the NPA Natural Standard go to

What is the NPA?The Natural Products Association (NPA) is the leading voice of the natural products industry.  Their mission is to advocate for the rights of consumers to have access to products that will maintain and improve their health, and for the rights of retailers and suppliers to sell these products. The Natural Products Association strives to achieve a broader, more accessible marketplace for natural products that will improve the quality of life for consumers worldwide.  To learn more about the NPA go to

What does the Natural Products Association (NPA) Natural Certification Seal look like?


To protect and equip consumers to maximize their well-being, the NPA has developed the Natural Products Association Standard and Certification for Personal Care Products, a set of guidelines that dictate whether a product can be deemed truly "natural." The standard encompasses all cosmetic personal care products regulated and defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  RAW Health International is honored to have earned the NPA Natural Certification Seal for all of its products.

How can other companies claim their products are natural when they really are not?

Some people believe that if you say something loud enough and long enough it will become the truth. We disagree! The Natural Products Association and other organizations are trying hard to stop the misuse and abuse of the “Natural” product description.  These quality organizations adhere to very strict product guidelines in order to better serve the health and welfare of the public. We at RAW Health International agree and support their efforts to promote a healthier world for ourselves and our children’s children.

How long before I exercise should I apply RAW Heat?

For best results apply RAW Heat approximately 10 minutes prior to activity.  Use this is combination with proper warm-up and stretching and feel the lasting effects of RAW Heat keep you loose while you perform, excel, and win.

Can you use RAW with ultrasound?

Yes, the ratio of ultrasound gel to RAW should be approximately 70:30.  Use RAW Heat to enhance the thermal effect of ultrasound when treating arthritis, frozen shoulder, etc.  Use RAW Ice with pulsed ultrasound to Rx acute joint or muscle sprains/strains and feel the cooling sensation and benefit of RAW’s natural anti-inflammatory ingredients working for you.

I frequently get migraine headaches… Can RAW help me?

Absolutely!!!  Many of our customers suffering from headaches have had tremendous success relieving their symptoms when using our RAW Ice product.  Apply a small amount (penny size) to the forehead, upper neck, and temples and allow the cooling effect and natural anti-inflammatory work for you.

How can RAW help relieve my arthritis flare-ups?

The painful effects of arthritis are usually alleviated with heat.  RAW Heat creates a heating effect that is second to none.  Apply RAW Heat before activity and allow your joints to warm-up quicker and stay warm longer.  Don’t let painful arthritis hold you back, Increase the Heat Baby!!!

How long have RAW Heat and RAW Ice been available to the public?

Our products have been available to the public since August of 2010, but the formulation and NPA certification process took about two years to complete. Our formulation process was very long and strenuous, but in the end was very rewarding because we know we offer the safest and best formulation ever made. There are many products that have been on the market much longer than RAW Heat and RAW Ice but longer doesn't always equal better.

Why are RAW Heat and Ice so easy to apply to my skin compared to other gels?

RAW Heat and Ice do not contain fillers like most leading gels.  The reason other gels are clumping or runny is because most other gels contain a large percentage of fillers like water or rubbing alcohol.  When you use RAW products you are using 100% product with no fillers.

Why did RAW Health International make the choice to have only 100% natural ingredients?

At Raw Health International we take your health seriously.  We care about the ingredients we put in our products because we care about your health.  We feel strongly that it is simply unacceptable to use toxic or even questionable ingredients in our products. We care about the health of our faithful users.

Why is the color of RAW Heat and Ice so different from the other popular topical gels?

With RAW products what you see is what you get, the natural pain relieving color of our natural ingredients. Many of the colorants and dyes used in today’s products are highly questioned for their dangers by many health and concerned organizations. Although the FDA said colorants and dyes are “permitted and acceptable” we at RAW Health do not feel comfortable taking that chance with you or your loved ones health.

Are dyes in other gels a bad thing?

The best answer we can give this question is simply… We are not positive or convinced that colorants or dyes are safe. So why take the chance of rubbing it on your skin?

I see parabens in other topical gels, what are they for and are they dangerous?

Parabens are chemicals used as a preservative but are NOT used in RAW products. Parabens are absorbed through our skin, our gastrointestinal tract and our blood. For many years controversy has surrounded the safety of parabens. Just like we said for colorants and dyes, we at RAW Health refuse to take a chance using questionable ingredients on our faithful users.  Other companies can try and sugar coat any chemical they use in their gels but to us it is very simple…we will not take that chance with your health.

My skin feels soft after using RAW products, why?

Our formula uses certified natural aloe as one of our base ingredients. Your skin feels soft because Aloe has natural skin conditioning properties. Most other gels use alcohol or water as their base ingredient which tend to dry out the skin.