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RAW Educational Videos

Heat or Ice?

In this video, we show the general uses of RAW Heat and RAW Ice. RAW Heat is typically utilized prior to activity to increase flexibility, loosen tight/stiff muscles, and prevent injury.  RAW Ice is utilized post activity to aide in the recovery process and decrease inflammation of the muscles.


The most common uses for RAW Heat include: Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis, muscle tightness/stiffness, aches and pains, various chronic conditions, etc.


The most common uses for RAW Ice include: various acute injuries such as sprains/strains, aches and pains, muscle recovery, etc.

RAW Heat "The WOW Factor"

In this video, we apply RAW Heat to a patient and explain what we like to call "The WOW Factor." We also demonstrate a common side effect of RAW Heat; reddening of the skin.

Workability Demo- Part 1

In this video, we demonstrate the difference in workability between RAW Heat/Ice and another popular topical gel on the market today.

When watching this video, take notice of the consistency and coloring of RAW compared to the other topical.

Ultrasound 101

In this video, we demonstrate the proper techniques for utilizing both RAW Heat and RAW Ice with Ultrasound on a patient.  

Remember, the proper ratio of Ultrasound gel to RAW is 70:30 or 80:20 depending on the size of the patient.

IT Band Syndrome 101

In this video, we describe and demonstrate how to help relieve the common diagnosis of IT Band Syndrome with self-care.

We use a combination of RAW Heat, RAW Ice, and the Tiger Tail to treat this diagnosis.